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10 January 2015 @ 10:43 am
Doraemon Waku Waku Skypark!  
If you're Doraemon's fans, than this is a must visit place when you're going to sapporo, Japan.
This skypark is located at the airport, so make sure you arrive early at the aiport :D
I visit this park during my trip to Sapporo on July 2013 and just know this parl exist after i arrive at the airport LOL so i only able to play there around 30 minutes! But still, i'm very happy to found it!

[Let's Play!]The park is on Chitose Airport 3F, "Smile Road" and open everyday from 10.00 - 18.00 JST.
Ticket price for adult is 600 yen if you want to enter the park (3D art museum).
*cute ticket ^_^*

When you enter the park, the staff will greet you cheerfully "Happy playing!" (in japanese...sorry can't found better english terms LOL)
The park itself is so much fun!

First you'll greeted with a big doraemon statue who just come out from the "Pass Loop" on the wall XD

After that You can visit the park where Nobita, Giant, and Suneo usually play baseball

Have a nice chat with shizuka or Nobita's mom

And meet other characters as well!
Beside meeting the character, you also can take picture on some 3D-Art scene! *will not post the picture here, just come and enjoy it by yourself :p

Finally, at the end of the park you can meet the doraemon character and take picture together with him! When i reach there..the park is almost close but the staff is really nice and call us to take the photos with doraemon first *because the doraemon will be going home lol* and after that we can back to our "check point" (because normally it's one way, you can't go back to previous scene after you move to the next scene".

Beside taking pictures, you can also play some game on the park. Since we come just 30 minutes before it close...so we have no time to do that....will do that on our next visit!!!! XD

Along the street to the park you can found other attraction as well on the Smile Road, such as Doraemon Cafe, Doraemon Shop, Workshop, Playground, Library, Photo Studio, and Kids Zone.

So, make sure to have enough time when you visit Chitose Airport! Because beside this Waku Waku Park there is also big shopping mall that sell many delicious food and a street similar to character street in Tokyo Station, which sell some character goods such as Hello Kitty Goods. More info about the airport and the shop list can be found on Chitose Airport Website.