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28 December 2015 @ 09:37 pm
[Food] Patisserie & Cafe Del'immo - AEON Mall  

Kind of a late post, but very excited to review this Patisserie.
Patisserie & Cafe Del'immo was originally located in Akasaka, Tokyo and was owned by a young talented chef & chocolatier Eguchi Kazuaki, and now they open their first branch here, Indonesia! On AEON Mall BSD.
Actually i'm really excited when hear that they will open a famous tokyo patisserie in Aeon, and finally after my 3rd visit to Aeon, i was able to find this shop \(*^ ^*)/

Del'Immo is located on the outdoor space of AEON Mall, near the Food Culture gate.
This cafe has both outdoor and indoor seat. On my first visit, i choose the outdoor seat.
The cafe interior itself is more on elegant side with wood and black as the dominant element.
When you open the door you can see various bread, choux, and cake on the counter.
One of the must try item on this cafe is their Patisserie Pancake (around Rp. 85.000, various depend on flavor and toppings), and i just know about this from a Singaporean blogger after i visit this cafe T_T
Next time, i'll definitely will order this one!

So let's move to my menu..
Today, i choose Chocolate Framboise - Rp. 68.000
Really love everything about this cake! This cake is a combination of chocolate mouse layer, chocolate cake, something like peanuts crumble in the middle, biscuit crumble in the bottom, and topped with raspberry sauce and raspberry fruit itself. The sweetness is just Perfect for me! it's not leave uncomfortable sweet aftertaste and the chocolate-raspberry combination was really great! The texture is there, you got a creamy mouse with fluffy chocolate cake a little bit peanuts and biscuit crumble for more rich texture. Love love love this!

For my take away, i'm having an orange-choco choux - Rp 20.000 (forgot, but around this)

This choux is crisp in outside but really moist inside and same with the cake, this choux also not sweet!
The chocolate flavor is more dominant which is really good.
Beside, there is also candied orange in the choux which give more refreshing taste to the choux.

As you can see....in conclusion this will became my favorite patisserie!
Different also with other patisserie which has drink menu in a little bit high price, on Del'immo, if you just want to try the cake or pancake without buying any fancy drink, you only need to add around Rp. 10.000 to get a cup of ice coffee or ice tea.
Tbh i prefer this way, because i'm more happy to spend my money on the cake than the drinks hahahahhaa.
Can't wait to go back and try their other cake and of course, their Patisserie Pancake!!

Patisserie & Cafe Del'immo
AEON Mall BSD City, Tangerang - Ground Fl. [OD1]
Japan Website : http://www.de-limmo.jp/
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Hi ripachii, cek sms ya :)
Gomen, tapi emailmu sepertinya ga masuk deh, next time kalau emailmu ga ke reply kamu langsung wa atau sms aku atau resend emailnya saja ya :)

Sankyu dan gomen sebelumnya.