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02 June 2015 @ 09:25 am
[Food] Aranzi Cafe (アランジカフェ) - Central Park  

Look at the picture above! It's a cute cake right?!
This cake is come from a cafe named Aranzi Cafe (アランジカフェ) which located at Central Park Mall Jakarta.
This cafe was located between Duck King and Hongkong Cafe.
Look at the cute cafe in blue color at the middle, at gotcha, you found it!

The cafe interior here is full of cute character even the take away box is really cute :3
As for the menu, the cake price is between Rp. 55.000 - 65.000  while the drink is starting from Rp. 28.000 - 43.000.
Beside the cake and the drinks, they also have other menu such as toast, sandwich, pancake, and the brunch set menu (You can see it here)
For this time, since we already full with our Dinner, we only order one cake, just to give it a try, whether it suit our preferences or no hahaha....

For the cake menu, we order Black Rabbit's Chocolate Fruit Cake (Rp. 55.000).
This cake is big enough and as you can see at the picture above, this cake come with a cute pink plate.
For the taste, i don't think it's bad but i don't think it's good also, it's just so-so.
The cake itself is not to moist, a little bit too dry for me, while the sweetness also a little bit strange.
The cream is OK and the fruit is the best part of this cake, while the chocolate is not pure chocolate and more like chocolate candy since it's a little bit sticky.

For the drink we choose Choco Brownie Milk Shake (Rp. 43.000) and Panda Iced Coffee Latte (Rp. 38.000) .

The drink is basicaly not sweet so you need to ask the staff if you need any sugar.
For this part, i really hope, in the future they will just simply bring the gum sugar when they serve the drinks.
The appearance of the drink is cute, especially the panda iced coffee latte, and since i don't like the sweetness of the cake, so this bitter coffee is really save me.

So in conclusion, I really have high expectation on this cafe, before i try it.
I'm so excited when i know that "Wow, a cute japan cafe is open in Jakarta!".
But after i try it, it's not really meet my expectation.
The food and drinks is cute for sure, but the taste somehow need improvement.
Moreover, the service also need to be improved (* i don't know...maybe because we came at 9 PM? so they're already tired?).
I don't really have good impression to be honest.

And for the second time visit...hmm......
If it's their branch on Kelapa Gading maybe i will give it a try.
But yeah, it's always worthed to try something, at least you can take a cute food photos and a nice ice coffee :)

Aranzi Cafe (アランジカフェ) - Central Park
Jl. Letjen S. Parman, Tanjung Duren, Jakarta
Contact Person : 021-29200489
Instagram : @aranziaranzo.indonesia
narqissanarqissa on June 2nd, 2015 03:23 am (UTC)

Looked cute! Gonna try it when I visit CP next time *-*